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Scenic Cruising Through Alaska

It’s no wonder that Alaska is often at the top of many travel bucket lists. With its unspoiled stretches of lush forest, mountain peaks that stretch to the sky, and numerous species that make the wilderness their home, Alaska almost feels otherworldly.   Sailing Alaska is a popular way to tour the state because it provides an ideal balance between beautiful coastline cruising and fun days spent in port. Scenic cruising allows passengers to immerse themselves in stunning destinations around Alaska, taking in nature’s landscapes while never leaving the ship. If time and budget allow, cruise tours take an Alaska trip…
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9 Must-Do Activities on An Alaska Cruise

As many travelers have realized, viewing Alaska’s vast beauty and diverse wildlife by ship is an essential experience to truly immerse oneself in the stunning landscapes of The Last Frontier. Many of the world’s top cruise lines have developed Alaska cruise itineraries that keep passengers coming back again and again, offering specialized dining menus, educational lectures with special guests, and unique onboard activities. In fact, there is now an abundance of itineraries and excursions available for Alaskan cruising. Perhaps it’s the myriad of options, combined with its captivating landscape, that keep Alaska tourists coming back for more. Here are 9 must-do…
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Alaska’s Big Five and Where to Spot Them

From seals to arctic hares, Alaska is home to a diverse range of animals that thrive in its vast swaths of untouched land, which includes seven of the twelve largest National Parks in the United States. Many travelers make the trip to the Last Frontier to catch glimpses of Alaska’s remarkable wildlife, the most notable of which are collectively referred to as the “Big Five.” What are Alaska’s “Big Five?” Originally the term Big Five referred to five large land mammals that were difficult to hunt, but today they are the five animals that visitors are most lucky to spot…
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Fiction of Alaska

The dream of visiting Alaska lives in the hearts of many travelers. Whether cruising its coastline while listening to the creaks and cracks of the creeping glaciers, or touring its rugged interior spying bears in their natural habitat, the uniqueness of Alaska must be experienced. Novels set in Alaska allow readers to escape to this beautiful state through vivid storytelling and descriptions of the land. Here are three selections to curl up with this winter: The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey The cruel environment of Alaska’s wilderness proves itself a challenging homestead in 1920 for newcomers Jack and Mabel. They…
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