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Scenic Cruising Through Alaska

It’s no wonder that Alaska is often at the top of many travel bucket lists. With its unspoiled stretches of lush forest, mountain peaks that stretch to the sky, and numerous species that make the wilderness their home, Alaska almost feels otherworldly.   Sailing Alaska is a popular way to tour the state because it provides an ideal balance between beautiful coastline cruising and fun days spent in port. Scenic cruising allows passengers to immerse themselves in stunning destinations around Alaska, taking in nature’s landscapes while never leaving the ship. If time and budget allow, cruise tours take an Alaska trip…
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River Cruises 101: Europe’s Rivers

With so many scenic rivers to choose from, it’s no wonder why river cruisers book a European itinerary. Perfect for both newbie and seasoned river cruisers, Europe’s rivers promise history, culture, arts, and architecture, all to be enjoyed up close and personal. Each river, however, has a distinct personality, so let’s “meet” the rivers that wind their way through the beautiful countryside and capitals of Europe. Danube The Danube flows through ten countries in Central Europe and past four major capital cities. There are sixteen national parks along the river’s path and a cycling trail that is perfect for a…
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Snapshot: Aruba

Situated just 15 miles north of the Venezuelan coastline, Aruba is one of the southernmost islands of the Caribbean. The “A” of the “ABC Islands” (along with Bonaire and Curacao), the island is known for its pristine white sand beaches that remain cool beneath your feet, steady trade winds that propel wind-powered watersports, and an enticing dining scene to treat your taste buds. For these reasons, the aptly nicknamed “One Happy Island” welcomes approximately 2 million tourists annually. Who Should Visit Travelers visit Aruba for its steady sunshine and pleasant mix of relaxation and soft adventure. It’s especially popular for…
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A Month in Portugal

Stephanie, our social media manager and writer, recently returned from a month in Portugal with her husband and 7-year-old daughter. With its history (geographic borders defined in the early 12th century, a long list of contributions to global exploration, incredible cathedrals), people (a friendly and peaceful population that is family-focused), and culture (beautiful sites and cities from north to south), Portugal captured our family’s interest as a place to spend some extended time. Planning a month-long visit became a part-time job, and even our 7-year-old was involved with the arrangements. Beyond my experiences studying abroad in college, this would be my…
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Snapshot: Kauai, “The Garden Isle”

When travelers daydream about Hawaii, the island that usually most captures this vision is stunning Kauai, also known as The Garden Isle. With its lush green landscapes, scenic coastlines, jagged cliffs, and tropical rainforests with cascading waterfalls, the oldest Hawaiian island truly feels like paradise. Who Should Visit While Kauai caters to all travelers, those who enjoy outdoor activities will feel most at home on this island. People who want a less touristy vibe (no high-rise resorts here!), appreciate time spent immersed in nature, enjoy the peace of a rural setting, and want an island that buzzes with local charm…
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