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Scenic Cruising Through Alaska

It’s no wonder that Alaska is often at the top of many travel bucket lists. With its unspoiled stretches of lush forest, mountain peaks that stretch to the sky, and numerous species that make the wilderness their home, Alaska almost feels otherworldly.   Sailing Alaska is a popular way to tour the state because it provides an ideal balance between beautiful coastline cruising and fun days spent in port. Scenic cruising allows passengers to immerse themselves in stunning destinations around Alaska, taking in nature’s landscapes while never leaving the ship. If time and budget allow, cruise tours take an Alaska trip…
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7 Things to Know About Passports

It’s always rewarding to plan your first family vacation or book that bucket-list trip you’ve been dreaming about for years. If you’re new to international travel, passports can be confusing. The following tips will help you keep you informed about passports before you head abroad. 1. Where can you apply for a passport? If you are applying for your passports for the first time, you will need to submit your application in person. Your local post office and government offices are considered passport acceptance facilities and can take applications, and some libraries also accept applications. You can use this tool to…
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Things to Pack for Your Cruise

When it comes to packing for your cruise, many items are obvious. Necessities include your travel documents and required identification, toiletries, and appropriate clothing and shoes. Your travel advisor will provide you with additional suggestions based on your ship and itinerary, ensuring you’re prepared for your vacation at sea. What about the items that are not quite so obvious but will make for smoother sailing? Luggage space is precious, but some of these items might make your cruise stateroom more organized and your overall vacation more stress-free. We have a list of considerations for your packing list: When packing for…
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3 Things Travel Agents Do During Hurricane Season

Hurricane season runs from the beginning of June until the end of November, which is a quite a long stretch of the calendar to be concerned about your travel plans. Even with the threat of potential bad weather these months are extremely popular for vacations because of summer, wedding and honeymoon season, and rates can be lower during the peak fall hurricane months. Purchasing travel insurance with your package helps protect your wallet, even if you might be disappointed by rescheduling that much-needed break from work! Here are three things travel agents do to help during hurricane season, particularly when…
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Busting 5 Cruise Myths

Have you been hesitant to cruise? Here are five common reasons our clients give us for not cruising, plus solutions that will hopefully have them (and you!) fall in love with seeing the world by sea. 1. I’LL GET BORED QUICKLY. Even most shorter cruises have one or two days at sea, but cruise lines provide a wide range of options for fun to keep passengers entertained. With so many scheduled activities, live shows, music performances, and entertainment venues around the ship, the question is, “What are you in the mood for?” Live music? Mini golf? Trivia? A lecture? Each cruise line has its own…
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