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Alaska’s Big Five and Where to Spot Them

From seals to arctic hares, Alaska is home to a diverse range of animals that thrive in its vast swaths of untouched land, which includes seven of the twelve largest National Parks in the United States. Many travelers make the trip to the Last Frontier to catch glimpses of Alaska’s remarkable wildlife, the most notable of which are collectively referred to as the “Big Five.” What are Alaska’s “Big Five?” Originally the term Big Five referred to five large land mammals that were difficult to hunt, but today they are the five animals that visitors are most lucky to spot…
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5 Facts about Cinco de Mayo

Crack open a Corona and grab some guacamole — it’s Cinco de Mayo! Sure, everyone loves an excuse to throw a fiesta, but there is more to this holiday than tacos and tequila. Wondering what the fuss is all about? These five facts about the history and traditions behind Cinco de Mayo will provide you with the context for raising a glass today. 1. The day commemorates the Battle of Puebla, part of the Franco-Mexican war that began when the new Mexican President Benito Juarez defaulted on the country’s loans from European governments. On May 5, 1862 the French attacked…
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3 Simple Ways To Stay Active on Vacation

Delicious food that’s available all day long, lots of lounging by the pool, and an abundance of alcohol are three things can sabotage the vacations of the physically fit.  Here are three ways to keep moving on vacation, whether you’re on land or out at sea. Take the Stairs Many resorts have elevators, but using the stairs to go to and from your room logs a more steps on the fitness tracker and gets the blood pumping. On cruise ships, set a goal for yourself like the “four deck rule” and only take the elevator when you need to ascend…
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5 Reasons to Travel to Barcelona

Barcelona is a bustling tourist destination. There’s so much to take in when visiting this coastal city in eastern Spain — whimsical architecture, delicious Mediterranean cuisine, and dramatic views are just a few of its draws. It’s a place where French and Spanish cultures collide, creating a brilliant range of dining options, landmarks and festivals.  If you find yourself in this modern, eclectic hub, take a moment to breathe in the sea air and let the city’s artistic vibes soak in as you visit these celebrated sights. THE GOTHIC QUARTER The medieval architecture and winding, narrow streets are what give this centrally-located neighborhood…
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Award Winning Destinations

Each year, Travel Weekly surveys participants to determine the best of the best in travel. From airlines, to cruises, to hotel chains, 82 aspects of travel are ranked by travel advisors.  One of the lists voted upon is top destinations around the world. Here are the winners of 2022 and why you might need to start selling these destinations (or visiting them during your own vacation).   AFRICA – SOUTH AFRICA  For adventure, wildlife (see the Big Five!), and gorgeous scenery everywhere you look, South Africa is a destination you will remember long after you return home. Beautiful weather, an ideal coastal location,…
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