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10 Quick Tips for Traveling with Kids

It’s spring break season, which means kids are enjoying time off from school and families are heading across or out of the country to visit relatives, sightsee, or relax. Before you embark on your vacation, we have a few tips for traveling with kids. Let Them Help: Involve kids in planning decisions, have them write their own packing lists, or assign them something to carry during the trip. Pack It Up: Start your packing list as soon as you book your trip, and add items immediately when they cross your mind. An electronic version or list app make it easy…
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Experience the Iberostar Paraíso Complex

Iberostar Hotels & Resorts is a popular all-inclusive resort brand known for its beachside properties surrounded by gardens. The Paraíso Complex in Riviera Maya, Mexico is home to five resorts, each property providing plenty of activities for guests of all ages. After a short transfer ride from the Cancun airport, you can be basking in the sun and having fun in no time! THE FIVE RESORTS There are five resorts that make up the Iberostar Paraíso complex: Iberostar Paraíso Del Mar and Iberostar Paraíso Beach Iberostar Selection Paraíso Lindo and Iberostar Selection Paraíso Maya Suites (with access to the two…
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Delicious Desserts Around the World

The world is a delicious place for travelers with a sweet tooth. From cakes to puddings to pastries to frozen treats, every county has a special dessert to offer. Whether you’re craving something rich with chocolate or something light with fruit flavors, here are some tasty desserts (and destinations!) for you.   Pastel de Nata (Portugal)   This beloved egg custard tart was first prepared before the 18th century by the monks in Jerónimos Monastery outside of Lisbon. The monks used egg whites to starch the nuns’ habits, which created an abundance of leftover egg yolks. Not wanting to waste, the yolks…
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Romantic Reads to Sweeten Up Your Next Vacation

Sweeten up your vacation with romantic reads that are perfect for passing the time on the plane or while lounging poolside. Here are a few titles for your consideration: Nora Goes Off Script by Annabel Monaghan Recommended for: Fans of made-for-tv romantic movies, but with more heart and less cheesiness As a screenwriter for a popular romance channel, Nora Hamilton turns the story of her husband leaving her and their two children into the best script she’s ever created. When it’s picked up for the big screen, cast and crew descend on her old home’s property for filming. After everyone…
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6 Romantic Places to Visit

Valentine’s Day: you might love it, or you might be rolling your eyes at the thought of a day devoted to sappy cards and mass-produced teddy bears. Travel, however, can instill a sense of romance in even the most determined cynics. These six romantic places are bound to fill you with warm fuzzy feelings, and hopefully inspire a romantic journey or two in the future! CINQUE TERRE, ITALY You’ll feel like a character in a romance novel roaming the craggy shores of the Italian Riviera with your sweetheart. Quaint villages and picturesque wineries dot the trails that wind through the…
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