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7 Things to Know About Passports

It’s always rewarding to plan your first family vacation or book that bucket-list trip you’ve been dreaming about for years. If you’re new to international travel, passports can be confusing. The following tips will help you keep you informed about passports before you head abroad. 1. Where can you apply for a passport? If you are applying for your passports for the first time, you will need to submit your application in person. Your local post office and government offices are considered passport acceptance facilities and can take applications, and some libraries also accept applications. You can use this tool to…
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Things to Pack for Your Cruise

When it comes to packing for your cruise, many items are obvious. Necessities include your travel documents and required identification, toiletries, and appropriate clothing and shoes. Your travel advisor will provide you with additional suggestions based on your ship and itinerary, ensuring you’re prepared for your vacation at sea. What about the items that are not quite so obvious but will make for smoother sailing? Luggage space is precious, but some of these items might make your cruise stateroom more organized and your overall vacation more stress-free. We have a list of considerations for your packing list: When packing for…
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3 Things Travel Agents Do During Hurricane Season

Hurricane season runs from the beginning of June until the end of November, which is a quite a long stretch of the calendar to be concerned about your travel plans. Even with the threat of potential bad weather these months are extremely popular for vacations because of summer, wedding and honeymoon season, and rates can be lower during the peak fall hurricane months. Purchasing travel insurance with your package helps protect your wallet, even if you might be disappointed by rescheduling that much-needed break from work! Here are three things travel agents do to help during hurricane season, particularly when…
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3 Simple Ways To Stay Active on Vacation

Delicious food that’s available all day long, lots of lounging by the pool, and an abundance of alcohol are three things can sabotage the vacations of the physically fit.  Here are three ways to keep moving on vacation, whether you’re on land or out at sea. Take the Stairs Many resorts have elevators, but using the stairs to go to and from your room logs a more steps on the fitness tracker and gets the blood pumping. On cruise ships, set a goal for yourself like the “four deck rule” and only take the elevator when you need to ascend…
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Tips for Traveling with Food Allergies

Concerns about traveling with food allergies shouldn’t keep you from planning a vacation. Everyone deserves a chance to explore the world! Still, keep in mind that some destinations will be more accommodating than others. Let’s talk about any food allergies up front so we can do our research and plan ahead with you. Airlines, hotels and tour operators have made strides in terms of meal options, even if they aren’t always advertised. Sometimes, all you have to do is ask! If you’re traveling with food allergies, we have a few peace-of-mind precautions. You’ll enjoy your trip and stay safe! 1….
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