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Save Money on Your Spring Break Escape

If Punxsutawney Phil predicts six more weeks of winter on February 2, there’s no need to grumble…sunny skies and sandy beaches are just a quick plane ride away! If you haven’t started planning yet, put down that snow shovel and make your reservations for a spring break escape with these money-saving tips in mind.  1. Book ASAP. College kids aren’t the only ones heading south during spring break, and airlines have taken note of the increased demand, especially on peak travel days. The closer you book to spring break, the higher the fares will be. With travel booming once again, availability…
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6 Reasons to Work With a Travel Agent

Travel agents are passionate about helping others see the world, and using our knowledge, skills and connections to make travel planning straightforward and stress-free. As adventurers who also love planning our own trips, we know that there are fewer things more precious than vacation time spent with family and friends! We know that many travelers still have questions about working with us to plan their trips. Here are six ways that consulting our team will make your next vacation unforgettable: 1. Expert GuidanceWe have both the knowledge and firsthand experience to help you decide which destination, cruise line, or resort is…
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Traveling as a Vegan

Stephanie (travel agent and copywriter for KHM Travel Group) shares her tips and experiences traveling as a vegan. Ten years ago, (quite literally) overnight I decided to embrace a plant-based diet and evolve from a seafood-and-steak-loving omnivore into an herbivore. While this decision was propelled by several factors, the promise of improved health loomed large. I won’t divulge my medical history in this blog post, but the changes I experienced were remarkably swift and involved ceasing the multiple medications I was taking to treat a long-term condition.  Navigating a plant-powered path was much more challenging ten years ago than it…
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Winter In The Park

Time to Plan Winter Travel

Sunny summer days are slowly coming to an end, but thankfully, the beautiful weather lingers. While enjoying weekend barbecues, lunch time walks, or rounds of golf, it can be easy to forget that winter is just around the corner! Colder weather and hectic holidays may not be on your mind yet, but there’s an important reason to flip a couple of months ahead on your calendar…now is the best time to plan your winter travel! Plan Early Early planning is ideal, especially if you’d like to travel over the winter holidays or during school breaks. Flights and resorts usually fill up…
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Wildlife Travel: Do’s and Don’ts

When you’re thinking about your next vacation, the animal lover in you might be inspired by our wonderful, wild world and consider a destination where education, observation, and immersion with various species is the main attraction. First, consider a few “dos and don’ts” for wildlife travel:​​​​ Do book with a reputable tour company that respects nature. Don’t plan activities that are exploitative and harmful to animals, like dolphin swims, elephant rides, circuses, or animal shows. Do look for ethical experiences that operate in the best interest of the animals. Some of the greatest places around the world for embracing your…
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