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5 Things You Must Know About Planning a Trip to Europe

Traveling overseas to Europe is an adventure that requires significant preparation. Before you can stroll the cobbled streets of Lisbon, watch the gondolas float by in Venice, or sip wine at a café in Paris, you need to put some thought and effort into your travel plans. You need to make sure your documents/identification are in order. Before we even begin to discuss travel details, look at your passports. Are they in pristine condition with intact pages? When do they expire? Some countries require a certain timeframe for validity, and you don’t want to face issues boarding an aircraft due…
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Packing Your Theme Park Bag

If packing your luggage for your upcoming family vacation isn’t stressful enough, now think about packing your theme park day bag each morning (or evening before, if you’re a planner!) Prepping your family for a day spent exploring a favorite theme park is a daunting task. You need to think about appropriate attire, apply sunscreen and ensure everyone has their protective sun gear, pack medications, wrangle snacks and drinks, and then think about the extra odds and ends. Suddenly, a fun day riding rides, watching parades, and eating junk food just got a bit more complicated. We’ve simplified that park…
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Cozy Travel

Hygge, the Danish concept of coziness that stirs pleasant feelings of contentment, has become a global phenomenon over the past few years. With numerous how-to books on the market, YouTube channels dedicated to the creation of cinematic hygge masterpieces, and social media accounts that showcase hygge at home, coziness is celebrated more than ever.   But how do you capture that warm and fuzzy feeling on your next vacation? Consider how you embrace coziness at home and simply take it on the road (or to the sky, or to the sea!) when traveling.   We have some ideas and inspiration for cozy…
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Tips for Air Travel During the Holidays

The airport can be a stressful place at any time of year, but with so many travelers preparing to jet-set during the holidays, it can be downright dreadful. Keep your cool with these tips for air travel during the holiday season: Book Airport Parking Early Securing a parking spot well in advance of your trip is important not only for availability, but also for parking spot location and sometimes even overall cost. Arrive (Really) Early Give yourself plenty of time to check in, check luggage, and go through security. It’s always better to be lounging at your gate than sprinting…
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Tips for a Smooth First Day of Vacation

You’ve spent months making arrangements for your upcoming vacation. The flights have been arranged, the transfers booked, and the excursions selected. You’ve strewn clothing around your bedroom making decisions about outfits, reserved your pet’s spot at the local animal care facility, and packed your carry-on bag with love and care. You have checked and re-checked your pre-travel to-do list, working with your travel agent to ensure you are prepared for your vacation.  And now travel day is here, bringing with it a fresh wave of stress.   Keep the preparedness momentum going with our tips to have the best first day of vacation…
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