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Traveling with Pets

It can be hard to part with our four-legged friends when we go on vacation, and traveling with pets is becoming more common. In fact, a study by AAA and Best Western International reported that more than half of U.S. travelers take their cats and dogs on vacation with them. However, keeping our canine and feline family members comfortable and safe during travel requires a little extra planning. These tips will help the trip go as smoothly as possible for the pet and its humans! Tips for Traveling by Car Taking a test drive or two before a long road trip…
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The “Don’ts” of Flying

While flying isn’t quite as glamorous as it was during the golden age of air travel, you can still feel like a star upon arrival. Feel refreshed and in vacation mode when you follow these “don’ts of flying” for etiquette and self-care during your flight. The next time you fly: Don’t sit for the entire flight. Stand up, stretch, and walk a bit each hour of your flight to prevent blood clots and provide some relief to your back, legs, and muscles. A lumbar support pillow can also prevent a sore back upon arrival. Don’t zone out during the safety…
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All About Sargassum

Sargassum is a brown seaweed that forms island-like floating masses that drift and wash ashore on beaches around eastern Mexico and the Caribbean. In 2018, the seagrass made a big impact on many destinations, but with the current cycle of ripe conditions for its growth, sargassum is most likely here to stay. The sargassum bloom is a situation that is in the hands of Mother Nature. The unpredictability of spread can cause varying conditions day by day, and sometimes even hour by hour. But like any act of nature that can affect travel plans, flexibility and understanding ensures your next…
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Love Letter

The 5 Love Languages While Traveling

In the book The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts, author and counselor Gary Chapman outlines the five ways in which individuals prefer to show and experience love. From romantic love, to friendships, to interactions with coworkers, knowing how to best express gestures of love and appreciation has proven to be a strong tool for improving relationships. First, discover which Love Language you are with this simple quiz! How can you incorporate the five love languages while traveling and enjoying a trip with the special people in your life? Here are a few ideas: Words of Affirmation…
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Extraordinary Vacation on an Ordinary Budget

Traveling in style can be tricky, especially if your budget doesn’t exactly align with your high-class preferences. There’s no need to settle for ordinary when you have a team of extraordinary travel experts on your side. We can add luxurious features to travel packages without completely emptying your pockets. After all, including special touches with your trip upgrades your entire travel experience. Here are our favorite ways to transform your trip from ordinary to extraordinary: Upgrade Your Transportation Arriving to your destination can be a pain—literally— especially if you’re traveling in tight quarters. Upgrade the experience by arranging for first-class…
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