8 Tips for Smooth Holiday Travel

Traveling in the middle of the busy holiday season can turn even the most seasoned traveler into a Grinch.  Whether you are flying, driving, or riding to your destination, these 8 tips for smooth holiday travel can make the trip less stressful.

Confirm Reservations – Don’t let a schedule change or computer glitch jeopardize your travel plans.  Confirm the details of all reservations 24-48 hours before you travel.  Verify all flight or route schedules, check pickup times and locations for transportation, and contact your hotel to review room requests.

Check In Online – Whether you’re flying, cruising, or even staying in a hotel, utilize online check-in at the earliest time possible.  Not only can you shorten your time spent waiting in line, but it also reduces your chance of being bumped if your flight or hotel is overbooked.  Make sure to advise the hotel staff if you plan to arrive after 9:00 p.m.

Sign Up for Notifications – Whether it’s traffic alerts, weather advisories, or flight delay notifications, early notice of potential complications gives you more time to adjust your plans.  Many apps allow you to enter your travel details and receive updates on your phone.

Arrive Early – Running late is a surefire way to add loads of stress to your travel experience.  Allow plenty of time for your drive to the station or airport, as well as for waiting in longer check-in and security lines.

Stay Fueled – Hungry travelers are cranky travelers!  Try to maintain a regular meal schedule and pack plenty of snacks for filling in the gaps.  Hydration is also important, so don’t forget your refillable water bottle.

Leave Gifts Unwrapped – If at any point your luggage will be subject to security inspection, don’t wrap gifts until you get to your final destination.  Consider the convenience and potential cost savings of shipping gifts ahead of time.

Power Up – Don’t let a dead battery keep you from communicating or receiving alerts about your trip.  Keep cords for your phone, tablet, and other electronics handy in your carry-on luggage.  Charging hubs or portable battery packs are helpful when outlets are limited, and don’t forget the car charger on road trips.

Smile and Be Nice – It’s easy to let the crowds and complications get to you, but maintaining a positive attitude goes a long way in dealing with stressful situations. Remember that customer service employees often bear the brunt of holiday travel drama, so patience and a smile are always appreciated.

For any travel season, your Encompass the World travel agent is here to help!

Trending Now: Travel Safety

Whether you watch the news or just skim your Facebook feed, you’re probably aware that travel safety has been a hot topic lately.  Eye-catching headlines and increased attention from media outlets has resulted in a lot of questions and concerns being raised by travelers.

Feeling unsafe while traveling takes away the thrill of exploration. For any destination, it’s important to stay healthy, protect yourself from theft or loss of valuables, and be prepared to deal with unexpected events. Encompass the World Travel agents have eight travel tips that can help keep you safe during your next trip, no matter where your travel adventures take you.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Stay alert to where you are and what the people around you are doing.  Trust your instincts if you ever begin to feel uncomfortable, and remove yourself from the situation as quickly as possible.  Solo travelers must be extra vigilant.

Avoid Being an Easy Target

Dress in simple clothing and leave the expensive jewelry at home.  Stick to walking in well-lit, populated areas and be especially careful after dark. Even if you are lost, project confidence and walk with a purpose until you can find a safe place to ask for directions.

Maintain Moderate Habits

Do your best to stay hydrated, understand which foods are less risky to consume, get plenty of rest, and use sunscreen.  Moderation is particularly important when it comes to alcohol consumption, both to avoid illness and to maintain awareness of your surroundings.

Limit Valuables and Electronics

Avoid carrying large amounts of cash or credit cards, and divide what you do carry between a few different locations. Secure your cell phone close to your body—but not in your back pocket! —and don’t leave devices unattended anywhere.

Purchase Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can provide protection and priceless assistance during medical emergencies, hurricanes or disasters, and other major events.  Some even allow you to “cancel for any reason” if circumstances change before your trip.

Understand Medical Care Options

Travelers of all ages can potentially experience illness or injury during a trip. Healthcare systems work very differently outside of the United States, and cash payment is often required to receive treatment.  This is another important reason to consider including insurance when you travel.

Protect Your Passport

Keep track of your passport at all times.  Make copies of the information page and any applicable visas.   Leave a copy with someone back home, carry a copy with you but separate from the original, and save a secure electronic copy to the cloud.

Enroll in STEP

For international travel, consider using the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). This free service allows to you register your contact information so that the closest U.S. Embassy or Consulate can provide important travel safety updates or support during a crisis.  Visit travel.state.gov for more details.

Encompass the World Travel specialist work hard to stay on top of changes that may affect the safety of their clients. For more information about a specific destination, contact Encompass the World Travel. Happy and safe travels are always our top priority!


Encompass the World Travel invests our time and resources into developing the best itineraries and travel plans suited for every client’s needs and desires.

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Travel Resolutions for 2018

New year, new adventures! Not all new year’s resolutions need to be focused on changing who you are. Instead, focus on where you are. As you look ahead to the new year, don’t forget to think about your travel goals! To inspire your next journey, our travel agents have some tips for you!

Try a New Type of Travel

The most obvious idea is to visit a new destination, but another way to add excitement is by changing how you travel. Swap your ocean cruise for an all-inclusive resort stay, or a try a river cruise instead. If you’re normally a beach bum, plan a trip with more sightseeing or activities.

Treat Yourself

Even if you’re being mindful of your budget, you can still include a splurge or two along your journey. Enjoy a five-star meal, book a snorkeling excursion, or shop for a special souvenir. Upgrade to a better view or more luxurious suite, even if it’s only for a night or two during your stay.

Give Back

Voluntourism, currently a popular trend, is volunteering combined with tourism. You can also give back during your regularly scheduled vacation by donating supplies or volunteering for a day at a local school, orphanage, or shelter. Ask our agents how!

Take an Extra Risk

There’s nothing like a little adrenaline to create a lifelong memory. Zipline through the rainforest in Costa Rica, go dog mushing through Alaska, or para sail high above the ocean. You can find other ways to get out of your comfort zone, such as trying unfamiliar foods or spending a day exploring a city.

Keep It Close

Use your vacation time from work for global travel, and plan your weekends strategically! Pack up the car and take a trip to New York city. Or ride the Maid of the Mist in Niagara Falls! Our travel agents also arrange the perfect short-term escape.

Let’s talk about your 2018 travel goals. Our agents are the first step to making your travel aspirations a reality!


Encompass the World Travel invests our time and resources into developing the best itineraries and travel plans suited for every client’s needs and desires.

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12 Honeymoon Planning Tips

It’s the time of year when we have the pleasure of meeting many soon-to-be-spouses. After so much detailed planning for the best day of your lives, you earn the ultimate escape–a honeymoon. For many couples, their honeymoon is the first exotic adventure together. Encompass the World Travel agents are experts at making your honeymoon dreams a reality.

Here are 12 tips from our experts that will ensure your honeymoon experience is romantic, memorable, and completely stress-free!


1. Start planning early (9-12 months in advance) and enlist the help of Encompass the World Travel as your travel professionals.




2. Discuss ideas for your honeymoon with your fiancé before your appointment with a travel agent.




3. Don’t rely only on web research! Websites, search engines, and reviews are not always the best trip advisors. Our travel agency has been in business for over 31 years–ask for the trusted opinion of our professionals.




4. Consider starting a honeymoon registry! It’s an easy and convenient way that your wedding guests can contribute to your honeymoon budget.




5. Plan surprises for each other: swim-out suite, private beach candlelit dinner, couples massage, limo transfers, horseback riding, swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, exploring the Spanish Steps in Rome, you name it! Ask your Encompass the World Travel agents about excursion options at your honeymoon destination!




6. Book your honeymoon in your maiden name – Your documents must match your passport and chances are if you travel right after the wedding, you will not have time to renew it.




7. Before your trip, scan and email yourself a copy of your passport and itinerary just in case!




8. Plan to spend four to six days before the trip without any major plans. Weddings, and planning them, can be exhausting! You’ll want to be well-rested and prepared for your best vacation yet!




9. Be sure to pack the proper formal attire. Most resorts have upscale restaurants that have dress codes for dinner or special events.




10. Protect your investment. To prevent frustrations when life happens, travel insurance covers health issues, cancellations, lost luggage, and more. Your travel agent can offer you options for a plan that will work best for you.




11. Make your dream come true! Your honeymoon is the one vacation that you will be asked about the rest of your life, so don’t hold back if it’s something you really want to experience.




12. Take time to enjoy each other! Consider putting away the smartphones and giving undivided attention to each other while you relax and pamper yourselves.



Honeymoons should be centered around romance, relaxation, memorable moments, and paradise! To ensure stress-free planning of the perfect honeymoon, contact Encompass the World Travel.


Encompass the World Travel invests our time and resources into developing the best itineraries and travel plans suited for every couple’s needs and desires.

To start planning your next adventure with an Encompass the World Travel agent, submit your preferred communication method or call 1-330-225-0600.