5 Things You Must Know About Planning a Trip to Europe

Written on March 21, 2024

Magnifying Glass Over Europe on Map

Traveling overseas to Europe is an adventure that requires significant preparation. Before you can stroll the cobbled streets of Lisbon, watch the gondolas float by in Venice, or sip wine at a café in Paris, you need to put some thought and effort into your travel plans.

You need to make sure your documents/identification are in order.

Before we even begin to discuss travel details, look at your passports. Are they in pristine condition with intact pages? When do they expire? Some countries require a certain timeframe for validity, and you don’t want to face issues boarding an aircraft due to a passport problem.

When we begin discussing your travel plans, we will talk about requirements for travel and remind you about passport applications, renewals, and documents necessary for your destination.

You need a realistic budget to accommodate your wish list.

The demand for travel has exploded within the past couple of years, and rates reflect this. All aspects of travel arrangements have increased in price, so if you haven’t planned a vacation for a long time, prepare yourself.

We’ll talk about where you want to travel, the number of days you’d like to travel for, and the types of activities you want to do. Are you interested in guided tours? River cruising? A completely independent and custom trip? We can walk you through options and what you get for your dollar.

We strongly recommend travel protection.

Life presents us with challenges outside of our control, whether they are health-related, work emergencies, or travel snafus. Purchasing travel protection to cover your vacation gives you peace of mind and can help when the unexpected catches you by surprise.

We offer travel protection through our suppliers and can provide you with you options that suit your needs.

Packing appropriate clothing and shoes can make or break your day-to-day experience.

Don’t overpack, but pack smart! Buy and break in shoes that allow you to walk comfortably throughout the day when navigating stairs, uneven roads, cobblestones, and slippery walkways. Plan your clothing in layers and how to piece together items for creating multiple looks. Consider dress codes, rain gear, winter-weight clothing, and activity-specific items you might need for your destination or planned excursions.

Closer to your departure date, we can assist with recommendations for your cruise, tour, resort vacation, and destination.

Booking excursions and activities in advance truly allows you to immerse yourself in the destination.

Leisurely exploring a new city can be romantic and exciting, albeit a bit scary for some travelers. While there is something to be said about wandering, planning destination-specific excursions in advance allows you to maximize your time and learn from locals with a passion for sharing their love of art, history, architecture, and culinary pursuits. Make sure to budget for these activities.

Europe is an incredible destination, and some of our clients’ favorite countries to visit are just an ocean away. The intricacies of planning a Europe trip are best organized with the guidance of experienced professionals. Our team is happy to help both seasoned travelers and newbies alike, so contact us to begin planning your vacation.