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5 Great July 4th Fireworks Displays Around the USA

There is no shortage of fireworks displays around the country for the Fourth of July festivities. With numerous cities boasting big, brilliant shows, a patriotic evening out is likely within reach. Here are a few of the USA’s most spectacular offerings: New York City, New York (Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks) The jaw-dropping 25-minute display features thousands of booms and effects set to both patriotic and popular music. Fireworks are shot from barges stationed along the East River near midtown Manhattan, permitting multiple viewing locations. This show is also broadcast live on NBC for those who prefer to watch from…
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5 Ways Traveling Helps Our Mental Health

Life has its share of stressful moments. You’ve probably said more than once, “I need a vacation.” Why is it that when we are stressed, we dream about getting away? Are people who travel happier and less likely to feel “stuck” or depressed? Are there benefits to traveling that can cure our worries and help us improve our well-being? It probably won’t surprise you that the answer is a resounding “yes,” but you might not know about the scientifically studied mental health benefits of traveling. To sum it up, vacations are one of the best ways to relieve the stress of…
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The “Do-Nothing” Vacation

Traveling allows us to immerse ourselves in new cultures and experiences, learning about both the world and ourselves simultaneously. Rigorous sightseeing permits viewing lots of landscapes and landmarks, maximizing our time away so we can see as much as possible during our (often too short) vacation time. We feast, we snap photos, we journal, we learn, and we return home, our minds and hearts full of the moments we just shared. These trips can be life-altering, exceptionally humbling, and incredibly magical. But sometimes we crave ultimate relaxation. A life reset. A chance to recharge our batteries by unplugging and detaching…
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Alaska’s Big Five and Where to Spot Them

From seals to arctic hares, Alaska is home to a diverse range of animals that thrive in its vast swaths of untouched land, which includes seven of the twelve largest National Parks in the United States. Many travelers make the trip to the Last Frontier to catch glimpses of Alaska’s remarkable wildlife, the most notable of which are collectively referred to as the “Big Five.” What are Alaska’s “Big Five?” Originally the term Big Five referred to five large land mammals that were difficult to hunt, but today they are the five animals that visitors are most lucky to spot…
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Nine Unusual Places to Stay

These hotels and guesthouses may not offer all the luxuries of a five-star hotel, but they do offer an experience unlike any other. Want to unwind at the bottom of a lagoon, sleep in an airplane, or gaze at the Northern Lights from your cozy bed? These nine awesome and unusual places to stay are anything but ordinary. SALA SILVERMINE, SWEDEN The world’s deepest bedroom sits 500 feet underground in a well-preserved mine that’s been converted into a two-person, silver-accented suite. A tour of the mine’s winding tunnels and vast galleries is included in your stay, but be sure to bundle…
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