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Preparing for the Unexpected

Preparing for the unexpected is an important part of taking trips, and as travel agents, we work hard to stay on top of situations that might affect the health and safety of our clients. For any destination, it’s important to stay healthy, to protect yourself, and be prepared to deal with unexpected events. When you’re traveling in the upcoming months, follow these seven safe-travel recommendations: 1. Purchase Travel Insurance Above all else, the best way to stay protected is to purchase travel insurance. Travel insurance policies can provide protection and priceless assistance during medical emergencies, hurricanes and disasters, and other…
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Traveling with Food Allergies

Food allergies and special diets shouldn’t stop travelers from seeking out new destinations, because everyone deserves a chance to explore the world. Still, keep in mind that some destinations will be more accommodating than others. Tell your travel advisor about any food allergies upfront so we can help you plan ahead. Airlines, resorts, cruise lines, and tour operators have made strides in terms of meal options, even if they aren’t always advertised. We are here to help you! If you will be traveling with food allergies, consider these peace-of-mind precautions. 1. CARRY A DOCTOR’S NOTE. Some national and international airports may…
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Packing Post-Covid

Travel looks a little different these days, as does packing post-Covid. If you’re months or even a year overdue for your vacation, you may need to brush up on your packing skills. As you dust off your suitcases and carry-ons, don’t forget to pack these essentials to keep you healthy and happy during your next getaway! Masks…and plenty of extras for everyone! Find your most comfortable masks and pack extras for throughout your vacation! Hand sanitizer Whether you prefer spray or squeeze, make sure all members of the family have access to sanitizer for a quick clean-up before and after…
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Prepare for Travel: Check Your Identification Documents!

Demand for future travel is increasing and will likely outpace supply, even as more options reopen. Travel agents know that one of the most important preparations for future travel is ensuring you have the appropriate travel ID. No one wants to arrive at the airport for their long-awaited vacation, only to be denied boarding because of an issue with identification documents. Now is the time to make sure your identification documents are ready. The COVID-19 pandemic is causing delays in passport processing. Standard processing for new and renewal applications is currently reported to be 10-12 weeks, or 4-6 weeks if…
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How Travel is Good for Your Health

According to the U.S Travel Association, 768 million vacation days went unused by Americans in 2018. In addition, 55% of workers reported not using all of their accrued vacation days. In 2020, Americans are more stressed than ever. Time-consuming jobs combined with parenting and family life demands much of our time. Balancing working from home with homeschooling children and running a household is exhausting. Once you add daily chores and responsibilities to the schedule, we feel more strained than ever. It can be difficult to find time to relax and enjoy hobbies we love, and our health often suffers from…
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