Packing Your Theme Park Bag

Written on March 07, 2024

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If packing your luggage for your upcoming family vacation isn’t stressful enough, now think about packing your theme park day bag each morning (or evening before, if you’re a planner!)

Prepping your family for a day spent exploring a favorite theme park is a daunting task. You need to think about appropriate attire, apply sunscreen and ensure everyone has their protective sun gear, pack medications, wrangle snacks and drinks, and then think about the extra odds and ends.

Suddenly, a fun day riding rides, watching parades, and eating junk food just got a bit more complicated.

We’ve simplified that park prep chore with a list of items you might need for a day out, whether you’re heading to a Disney park, a Universal park, or even a fun adventure close to home!

Choosing a Day Bag

Theme park visitors have different needs, and each person’s day bag might look a bit different. Commonly used bags include: crossbody bags, hip pouches, diaper bags, and backpacks.

Considerations for packing your theme park day bag:

If multiple adults are in the travel party, carrying different sizes of bags can be helpful.

If you’re taking or renting a stroller, you might want two bags: a dedicated larger bag for necessities stashed in the stroller storage, and a small bag with your valuables that stays on you at all times.

Comfort is key. Avoid overpacking your bag and think about ease of use when on the go.

Ask yourself these questions as you begin browsing your favorite online retailers (or searching through your closet!) for options:

  • Are you traveling with a baby or toddler?
  • Are you traveling with a child who is potty training?
  • Will you be taking or renting a stroller?
  • Are you traveling with older children and/or teens?
  • Do you have dietary or medical needs?
  • Do you plan on being gone for part of the day or a full day?

Then, think about what you will need with you when visiting a theme park.

Items You Might Need in Your Day Bag

  • anti-chafing stick or cream
  • autograph book and a fat pen or marker
  • small first aid kit: Band-Aids, medication
  • sunscreen / bug spray
  • phone / camera / portable charger
  • mini fan or mister in hot weather months
  • gum / breath mints
  • hand sanitizer / sanitizing wipes / hand lotion
  • light hoodie or jacket
  • chapstick / lip balm
  • Magic Bands / park tickets
  • money / gift cards / photo ID
  • poncho or rain jacket / umbrella
  • snacks
  • refillable water bottle
  • hat / visor / sunglasses
  • tissue
  • Ziploc bags
  • refillable resort mug*
  • a carabiner for attaching drink cups, popcorn buckets, etc. to your bag

*Some guests at Disney parks like to carry their refillable resort mugs with them in case they dine at a different resort property, or so they can get a beverage immediately upon returning to their home resort.

When you plan your next theme park trip with a travel advisor from our team, we provide you with even more helpful hints for maximizing your time and minimizing your stress!