3 Things We Love About All-Inclusive Resorts

Written on June 04, 2024

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What’s not to love about visiting a beautiful, lush resort that caters to your every whim or need? We love resort vacations, and book many for our clients all year long. Resorts provide an idyllic backdrop for honeymoons, friend getaways, family vacations, and group travel. In the cold winter months, they offer sun, sand, and blue sky as an escape from unrelenting snow and harsh temperatures.

Here are three things we love about all-inclusive resort vacations…

1. Not Worrying About the Wallet!

With almost all expenses for your resort vacation paid for in advance of travel, you can experience how freeing it is to eat, drink, stay, and play, all without worry of cost. Your taxes, gratuities, entertainment, resort stay, and food and beverages are all covered in your rate so you might only need to pull out that wallet for extra gratuity for staff at your discretion (which we encourage because they work very hard to make your stay incredible), spa treatments, or optional excursions off-property. (Talk to us more about these details.) 

2. Utter Relaxation

It’s true that we have some clients that fill up their vacation schedule with excursions, but many of our travelers seek a resort vacation for the wonderful stress-free relaxation of it all. Sink your toes into the sand and take a deep breath of Caribbean air. Pull out that novel you have been meaning to read. Challenge your travel companions to a board game. Sit and stare at the water. RELAX. 

3. Ease of Travel

Air travel is no joke. We feel your pain. Why not ease some of that stress with a nonstop flight and great flight times? From Cleveland, we currently have charter flights to Cancun and Punta Cana. From other destinations, even more options. In about three hours, you can be in a tropical paradise, feeling that warm sunshine on your face.

Ready to visit one of our favorite resorts? Contact our team and we can take care of all the details for you!