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Board Games that Inspire Wanderlust

If you’re not out exploring the world, capture that spirit of adventure by gathering around the table and playing travel-inspired board games together.   Gone are the days of simply rolling dice and moving around the board, mindlessly performing the action on the space where you land. Today’s games are all about creative themes, modern game mechanics, and interesting decision-making…even for the youngest board gamers.   While most modern board games are most easily purchased at a Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS, as they are lovingly referred to in the hobby), Amazon, Target, and Barnes & Noble have great selections too.   Here…
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Chicago: Family Fun

Chicago beckons visitors with its lake views, delectable dining, and array of activities that families can enjoy together. Plan your long weekend getaway and explore some of the greatest parks, museums, and attractions The Windy City has to offer for Chicago family fun! Here are five recommendations for families to experience while visiting The Windy City:   Museum of Science and Industry The largest science center in the Western Hemisphere, the Museum of Science and Industry invites visitors to explore its 14 acres of exhibits. As the only remaining building from the 1893 World’s Fair, the MSI features a swirling…
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Exploring the Beauty of the USA

The United States is a vast country just waiting to be explored… …and we are so fortunate to have incredible landscapes right outside our doors. From sea to shining sea, the beauty of the USA is the redwood forests of Northern California, the mysterious deserts and canyons of the southwest, the rustic charm of the islands of the Atlantic, and the white beaches of the Florida Gulf shores. Travelers from around the world seek the very experiences and destinations we often overlook. Have you experienced the power and beauty of Niagara Falls in person? Explored Mammoth Cave in Kentucky? Ventured…
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Have a Cruise Night at Home

It is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. That’s certainly the case when it comes to cruising, one of our team’s most beloved types of vacations. If you’re like us, cruising is one of our favorite ways to make the most of every vacation moment. Am I craving pizza? I can order one. Do I want to dress up and dine on multiple courses? I can make a reservation for that. Do I want to catch a live musical act, play some Bingo, test my knowledge with trivia, or lounge by the pool? I can do all of…
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Summer Fun at Home

Summer is in full swing, and with it comes the little summer fun at home moments we love: Watching children play in backyard sprinklers, laughing in delight. Grilling our favorite foods outdoors and eating with the sun warming our faces and the breeze tousling our hair. Making our summer reading lists and seeking quiet spots to peacefully enjoy the latest novels. Pouring a glass of freshly brewed iced tea, complemented with mint from the garden. Summer is amazing small moments wrapped in sunshine. For some of us, when we think June, July, and August, we think about lazy afternoons at…
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