Introducing ROAM Magazine

It’s writing “vacation” on the calendar and excitedly counting down the days until travel. It’s the flutter of butterflies in your stomach as the plane taxis toward the runway. It’s waking up to sunshine and bird calls and hearing waves lap the shoreline. It’s having time to stretch, breathe, and relax with the people you love most. When we think about traveling again, we feel excited. When we think about treasured memories from past trips, we smile. We dream about our next adventures around the world. If you’re longing to travel like we are, we’d like to introduce you to…
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Fiction of New England

The New England states represent the origins of American history set against the changing beauty of the four seasons and the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Let’s begin our cross-country reading road trip with our first destination and explore the fiction of New England. Maine the novels of Stephen King: King, a Bangor native, sets many of his novels in two fictional Maine towns: Derry and Castle Rock. Foggy mornings, tree-lined roads through dense forests, and small towns with big secrets illuminate the creepy atmosphere of his stories. With almost 100 books to choose from, readers can experience King’s…
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Virtual Travel Experiences from Home

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? It is a common question we ask during ice breakers, job interviews, and first dates. It’s fun to talk about the answers, which can reveal a great deal about someone’s dreams and values. But now, with the current circumstances, asking this question feels a little bit different. As many of us have adapted to social distancing and sheltering-in-place, we’ve put our dream vacations on hold. While we all do our best to be good neighbors to one another, we can still embrace our passion for travel and sense…
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Planning Bucket List Travel

“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.” Embarking on a journey to a new-to-you destination is invigorating for both mind and spirit, and the more of the world you see, the more you’ll want to see. It’s time to start dreaming. Sharpen your pencil, grab a map, and let’s imagine the possibilities for adventure. Write a rough list: Make it long or keep it short, but brainstorm an initial list of any and all destinations that have been on your mind and in your heart. Ask yourself: How does your current profession and permitted vacation time affect your…
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12 Honeymoon Planning Tips

It’s the time of year when we have the pleasure of meeting many soon-to-be-spouses. After so much detailed planning for the best day of your lives, you earn the ultimate escape–a honeymoon. For many couples, their honeymoon is the first exotic adventure together. Encompass the World Travel agents are experts at making your honeymoon dreams a reality. Here are 12 tips from our experts that will ensure your honeymoon experience is romantic, memorable, and completely stress-free!   1. Start planning early (9-12 months in advance) and enlist the help of Encompass the World Travel as your travel professionals.       2….
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