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Preparing for the Unexpected

Preparing for the unexpected is an important part of taking trips, and as travel agents, we work hard to stay on top of situations that might affect the health and safety of our clients. For any destination, it’s important to stay healthy, to protect yourself, and be prepared to deal with unexpected events. When you’re traveling in the upcoming months, follow these seven safe-travel recommendations: 1. Purchase Travel Insurance Above all else, the best way to stay protected is to purchase travel insurance. Travel insurance policies can provide protection and priceless assistance during medical emergencies, hurricanes and disasters, and other…
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Ask the ETW Agents: Pack Like a Pro

with tips from Bill, Kathy, Roberta, Lois, Paula, and Stephanie Your vacation is planned. You’ve bought a new swimsuit. Your suitcase is laying open on your bed, waiting for you to begin filling it with shorts, swimwear, and sandals. Your eyes scan your room, taking in the multiple piles of clothing heaped upon toiletries tossed upon shoes. Where do you begin? Let us help. We have many years of travel under our belts, and we have learned a thing or two over the years when it comes to making our packing lists and checking them twice. Here are some of…
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12 Honeymoon Planning Tips

After so much detailed planning for the best day of your lives, you earn the ultimate escape–a honeymoon. For many couples, their honeymoon is the first exotic adventure shared together. Encompass the World Travel agents are experts at making your honeymoon dreams a reality, and we love helping couples plan their special vacation! Our honeymoon planning tips will ensure your experience is romantic, memorable, and stress-free! 1. Start planning early (9-12 months in advance) and enlist the help of Encompass the World Travel as your travel professionals. 2. Discuss ideas and budget for your honeymoon with your partner before your appointment with…
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