Ask the ETW Agents: Pack Like a Pro

Written on April 07, 2021

with tips from Bill, Kathy, Roberta, Lois, Paula, and Stephanie
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Pack like a pro on your next vacation!

Your vacation is planned. You’ve bought a new swimsuit. Your suitcase is laying open on your bed, waiting for you to begin filling it with shorts, swimwear, and sandals. Your eyes scan your room, taking in the multiple piles of clothing heaped upon toiletries tossed upon shoes. Where do you begin?

Let us help.

We have many years of travel under our belts, and we have learned a thing or two over the years when it comes to making our packing lists and checking them twice.

Here are some of our top tips to pack like a pro for your next vacation:

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1.) Make a list and check it twice.

List-making is key to successful packing, even for the experienced traveler. You have a lot on your mind when you’re preparing to depart, and without a list, you’re bound to leave something behind. Revisit the list while you’re packing to edit it as needed and cross items off as you go. Make one list for your carry-on or checked bag, and one list for your personal item.

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2.) Coordinate your clothing and stick with a neutral color palette.

Strategic clothing selection for mix-and-match coordinated looks will help you look put-together and eliminate your need for so many outfits when traveling. White, grey, black, and denim make for a classy and easy combo. Remember to pack great layering items, regardless of destination.

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3.) Roll your clothing to save space and reduce wrinkles, then tuck each item into packing cubes.

Packing cubes are a travel game-changer for many. Relatively inexpensive and available through a variety of online stores, packing cubes promote organization and save precious luggage real estate. Packing for several family members? Order a different colored set for each person and bask in the beauty of a color-coded suitcase.

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4.) Get smart with your toiletries.

Most people drastically overpack toiletries, overestimating how much shampoo is needed for a week-long vacation. Use small TSA-approved bottles, travel-sized items such as toothbrushes or deodorant, and store everything in a TSA-approved clear bag for easy removal in security. Skip the Ziploc and invest in a well-made toiletry bag, which are easy to find online for $10-15.

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5.) Wear your bulky shoes and pack ONLY one additional pair.

Too many shoes is a packing no-no because they occupy too much space and add unnecessary weight to your luggage. Think about your vacation and the kind of footwear that is needed. An all-inclusive getaway? Perhaps a pair of sneakers and a pair of sandals for women, and sneakers and dress shoes for the men. A theme park visit? Maybe a couple different pairs of shoes that are both suitable for walking. Plan your outfits around choosing between one of two pairs of shoes.

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6.) Pack an extra change of clothing in your carry-on (or, just take along carry-on luggage and skip the checked bag!)

Unfortunately, things can happen in transit. Luggage can get lost, and you’ll be glad to have extra clothing if this happens to you.

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7.) Want to really pack like a pro?

While you’re traveling, keep a list of what you actually wear/use for the duration of your trip. This will help you better prepare for future vacations of the same type.

With these simple tips, you will be well on your way to developing your packing prowess. Your friendly Encompass the World Travel and Westlake Travel agents are always willing to provide pointers for your specific vacation plans too!

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