3 Cool Swimming Spots

When the sun’s rays are at their hottest, these 3 cool swimming spots provide the perfect scenery for a dreamy dip in the water. Easily accessible through planned activities and excursions from your cruise ship or resort, plan to head out for the day to explore new-to-you destinations for a refreshing swim. The Baths – Tortola, British Virgin Islands Along the southwestern tip of Virgin Gorda lies The Baths, a stretch of beach famous for its enormous granite boulders and secluded rock pools. Visitors must navigate challenging trails and steps with rope handrails to reach Devil’s Bay Beach, but the…
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Family Beach Vacation

Special Summer Family Vacations

With spring break quickly approaching (and for some, already over!), the lazy days of summer break will be here before you can blink! Whether you have traveled recently or it has been quite awhile since boarding a plane or loading up the family car, this summer can be your coolest summer ever when we work together to plan a magically memorable vacation. Resorts, theme parks, city getaways, beach towns, and cruise ships provide the perfect backdrop for family fun. Let’s plan your special summer family vacation! Universal Studios – Orlando, Florida Step inside your favorite films, television shows, and books…
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Airplane Interior

The “Don’ts” of Flying

While flying isn’t quite as glamorous as it was during the golden age of air travel, you can still feel like a star upon arrival. Feel refreshed and in vacation mode when you follow these “don’ts of flying” for etiquette and self-care during your flight. The next time you fly: Don’t sit for the entire flight. Stand up, stretch, and walk a bit each hour of your flight to prevent blood clots and provide some relief to your back, legs, and muscles. A lumbar support pillow can also prevent a sore back upon arrival. Don’t zone out during the safety…
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Ring Of Kerry

7 Places to Visit in Ireland

Whether you’re actually Irish or just pretending to be Irish today, St. Patrick’s Day gives us all an excuse to celebrate the traditions of Ireland. There’s more to this beautiful country than shamrocks, leprechauns and Guinness, however. If the Emerald Isle is on your bucket list, check out these seven places to visit in Ireland. BRÚ NA BÓINNE This World Heritage site in County Meath is one of the largest and most important Megalithic complexes in the world. The three largest tombs were built approximately 5,000 years ago. Through a guided tour of the largest site at Newgrange, visitors can experience…
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All About Sargassum

Sargassum is a brown seaweed that forms island-like floating masses that drift and wash ashore on beaches around eastern Mexico and the Caribbean. In 2018, the seagrass made a big impact on many destinations, but with the current cycle of ripe conditions for its growth, sargassum is most likely here to stay. The sargassum bloom is a situation that is in the hands of Mother Nature. The unpredictability of spread can cause varying conditions day by day, and sometimes even hour by hour. But like any act of nature that can affect travel plans, flexibility and understanding ensures your next…
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