The 5 Love Languages While Traveling

Written on February 10, 2022

Love Letter

In the book The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts, author and counselor Gary Chapman outlines the five ways in which individuals prefer to show and experience love. From romantic love, to friendships, to interactions with coworkers, knowing how to best express gestures of love and appreciation has proven to be a strong tool for improving relationships.

First, discover which Love Language you are with this simple quiz!

How can you incorporate the five love languages while traveling and enjoying a trip with the special people in your life?

Here are a few ideas:

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Words of Affirmation

Before travel, write a little letter to your companion and tell them why you’re excited to vacation together. Predict some of the special moments you’ll share and why it’s important to you.

During travel, leave little notes of appreciation for your loved one to find each day of your vacation – tuck one into a toiletry bag or maybe a shoe and let them be surprised by your kind words.


Share pervious special travel memories or reasons why you love this person.

Throughout your trip, purchase some postcards and write out memories of your vacation as a sort of journal. Assemble them into an album upon arriving home, and present it to your travel companion as a memento of your vacation.

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Quality Time

Quality time might seem like a given when planning a trip but kick it up a notch with dedicated “no-screen time” so you can focus on one another instead of social media.


Before travel, gather your friends and family for a planning party complete with themed food and beverages – this will get everyone in the mood for your vacation!

Make arrangements for a special dinner or a fun and adventurous excursion you’ll remember forever. Try a new cuisine or an activity you’ve never done before, because stepping outside of your comfort zone together creates and solidifies bonds between people.

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Giving Gifts

Before travel, your travel agent can work with you to arrange for special gifts and surprises throughout your vacation.


Fresh flowers for your stateroom, custom gift baskets in Walt Disney World, dessert platters, or a spa gift certificate are all small ways to shower your loved one with extra affection during your trip.

If you’re planning a group vacation, purchase custom shirts, personalized cups, or towel clips for everyone to use in destination and have a special souvenir to use later too!

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Acts of Service

At home, acts of service can be as easy as helping your partner with tasks or errands, but on vacation it’s a little more fun to let your actions speak louder than words.


Sneak out in the morning before your partner awakens for the day and return with a coffee or pastry to greet them.

Pack up the beach tote and set up a chaise lounge to make a beach or pool perch extra comfortable.

Make plans for dining reservations and booking the extras so your loved one can just relax and soak in the attention and care you’re providing.

Before departure, assemble snack bags to gift to your traveling companions to munch from during the flight.

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Physical Touch

If being close brings you or your partner great joy, why not get a little closer in destination with special activities and moments?


Take a walk on the beach or deck holding hands as you soak in the golden hues of a setting sun.

Plan a couples massage where participants can relax and learn techniques to use on one another when returning to reality.

Dance together to the beats of a salsa band, hold your partner close, and imagine it’s only the two of you in paradise.

Traveling together is the perfect way to celebrate your bond, whether it be love or friendship. Making the trip extra special with small, thoughtful gestures will only add to the special memories you create together. Implementing some of our ideas for the five love languages while traveling will enhance a romantic bond and improve friendships!