Busting 5 Cruise Myths

Written on August 10, 2023

Cruise 3

Have you been hesitant to cruise?

Here are five common reasons our clients give us for not cruising, plus solutions that will hopefully have them (and you!) fall in love with seeing the world by sea.


Even most shorter cruises have one or two days at sea, but cruise lines provide a wide range of options for fun to keep passengers entertained. With so many scheduled activities, live shows, music performances, and entertainment venues around the ship, the question is, “What are you in the mood for?” Live music? Mini golf? Trivia? A lecture? Each cruise line has its own flavor of fun!

By discussing your hobbies and interests, we can help match you with a cruise line whose activities align most closely with what you love to do…at home, and on vacation!


The largest cruise ships on earth boast more than a dozen pools, span the length of several football fields, and for one line, even includes a sprawling version of Central Park. Regardless of their size, cruise ships are designed to prevent passengers from feeling confined by creating large open spaces like atriums, promenades, and nicely appointed outdoor spaces.

If you are concerned about personal cabin space, let’s book a stateroom with a balcony or a cabin in one of the more spacious stateroom categories.

If you are hesitant about spending extended periods of time on board, we’ll focus our search on itineraries that are very port-heavy, allowing you to disembark and explore new cities and countries every day. Voyages in the Mediterranean and river cruises also allow more time in port, so one of these itineraries might be a better fit for your preferences.


Almost all ships have stabilizers that prevent severe rocking, except during extremely rough storms. (Which ships try to sail around if they can!) On today’s mega-ships, the ride is so smooth it’s easy to forget you’re even at sea!

For those who are ultra-sensitive to the ship’s sway, choosing a cabin in the middle of the ship, the vessel’s center of balance, can help. For ocean cruises, book during the calmest season for the destination and avoid trans-Atlantic crossings. If seasickness is still a major concern, focus on river cruises instead.


For younger cruisers, there are two real fears when it comes to cruising. First is that the common areas — namely the pools, the alleged centers of relaxation — will be teeming with rambunctious kids. The second is that the bars, lounges, and nightclubs will be deserted by 9 pm.

The good news is that there is a cruise for everyone. Children often spend time in the assorted kids’ clubs, a few lines are adult-only, and some ships have adult-only spaces. Nighttime entertainment can be of the mellow variety, or you can participate in zany competitions, join themed parties, or dance the night away in the disco.


Our clients have long and varying travel wish lists, particularly when it comes to which destinations around the globe they want to visit. Luckily, there are cruises to and around all seven continents, so if you have already explored the Caribbean or Europe, more itineraries await. Further, more lines are offering around-the-world sailings which stop in many lesser-explored ports, and several cruise companies even offer voyages to Antarctica.

Now that we have busted several cruise myths, where can we send you?