Which Type of Cruiser are You?

Written on December 09, 2021

Cruise Sunset Sea

Cruises come in all different shapes and sizes. But how do you know which one to pick? 

You shouldn’t just pick based on a whim! The best way to choose which type of cruise fits you is identifying which type of cruiser you are, something our team can help you with!

Consider the 5 questions below to discover which cruiser type describes you and contact us to discuss cruise lines and itineraries!

1. Have you cruised before? 

If you answer “no”, we would like to discuss why you haven’t cruised yet and what questions or concerns you have. We can talk you through the details about one of our favorite ways to vacation.

Some say that they prefer an adults-only experience (now, there’s a specific cruise line for cruisers like you!) Other times, clients say they don’t want to be confined to a boat. (Cruise line fleets include ships that are the size of small cities, but there’s more intimate sizes, too!) If you haven’t cruised, we are confident we can find an itinerary tailored just for you. 

If you have cruised before, the following questions will help you consider the details for your next cruise.

2. Are you planning to cruise without children?

If for you, cruising equals a family vacation, you’re a family cruiser! You find the most fun in cruising with the whole crew, and watching your loved ones have the time of their lives makes your heart smile. You understand that with so much to see in the world, cruising provides an incredible, new experience with each day of your itinerary. You love to share this adventure with those you love most.

If you cruise without children, we understand the desire for a quieter, adult-oriented vacation and can work with you to find ships and itineraries that excite you.

3. Do you prioritize an evening of wine tasting, savoring a multi-course meal at a specialty dining venue, or relaxing to the sounds of a string quartet?

If so, you may be a refined cruiser! A refined cruiser enjoys the cruise line’s partnerships with expert chefs and renowned musical performers. These additional amenities speak to your desire for high-level experiences onboard. These options, along with incredible spa selections and cultural ports of call, bring elegant experiences to the high seas for travelers like you. 

4. Do you prioritize adventure, fun, and endless activities? Are you drawn to rock-climbing walls, bumper cars, waterslides, and ice-skating rinks?

If so, you may be a more casual, playful cruiser! A playful cruiser enjoys the dining, ports, and amenities touted by the cruise line, but also seeks really fun vacation experiences. A daily schedule chock-full of activities along with sports, swimming, and adventure areas onboard will entice you to book certain cruise lines and ships.

5. Do​​​ sandy ports and sea days keep you from cruising?

If you respond with an instant “Yes!” you may be more suited for a river cruise. River cruises are one of the best ways for travelers to experience history, art, and architecture across several countries while only unpacking once! Spend the day touring with a knowledgable guide or pedaling a bicycle through the charming countryside. Then, sail to your next destination while ending your day with a lovely glass of wine and a peaceful night’s sleep, waking rested and ready to explore the next city! There’s a huge variety of river cruises, many offering amazing inclusions.

5. Do you feel like you fit in more than one category mentioned?

If you don’t discriminate against any particular type of cruise, you may be a cruise fanatic! (It’s ok— we are too!) Every time you hear of a new ship or onboard experience, you can’t wait to enjoy the new features.  Chances are you’re itching to set sail again, and we can’t wait to help you make it happen. We will work with you to uncover destinations, cruise lines, and ships that will make your next cruise as special and memorable as possible.