The “Do-Nothing” Vacation

Written on February 22, 2024

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Traveling allows us to immerse ourselves in new cultures and experiences, learning about both the world and ourselves simultaneously. Rigorous sightseeing permits viewing lots of landscapes and landmarks, maximizing our time away so we can see as much as possible during our (often too short) vacation time. We feast, we snap photos, we journal, we learn, and we return home, our minds and hearts full of the moments we just shared. These trips can be life-altering, exceptionally humbling, and incredibly magical.

But sometimes we crave ultimate relaxation. A life reset. A chance to recharge our batteries by unplugging and detaching from the tedious tasks of work and home. Sometimes this respite is exactly what we need to refocus, recenter, and reenergize our mind, body, and spirit. The “do-nothing” vacation can provide exactly that.

Appealing Do-Nothing Vacation Experiences

  • Waking up early to catch the warm glow of a sunrise, sipping a coffee, and feeling the sand between your toes (Going back to bed afterwards or dozing by the pool mid-morning is optional!)
  • Dragging a blanket to the Adirondack chair on a porch overlooking a mountain forest, listening to the birds singing their final songs for the day
  • Relaxing by a bonfire and roasting marshmallows while soft music carries through the air
  • Binge watching a television show and ordering room service all day long, occasionally glancing out your hotel window to appreciate the city skyline
  • Spending an entire day lounging by a pristine swimming pool, only moving to eat lunch and carefully reapply sunscreen
  • Booking a resort room solely for its perfect balcony so you can prop up your feet and read uninterrupted while overlooking a beautiful property
  • Planning an entire getaway around a highly-rated spa and completely pampering yourself with treatments
  • Strolling the streets of a small town, ducking in and out of locally-owned shops selling cozy treasures

Supreme Settings for Doing Nothing

  • A white sand beach with turquoise water lazily lapping the shore
  • A secluded cabin nestled in the mountains, ideally touting a fire pit or hot tub on its premises
  • A posh hotel room in a walkable city with easy access to dining and drinks
  • A charming bed and breakfast in a quaint town that embraces a slower lifestyle

Make it Happen

Our free time is often structured around scheduled activities, meetings, events, and other must-dos. The beauty of the do-nothing vacation is that you can truly settle into a schedule that has no schedule, doing whatever you feel like from moment to moment.

  • Recognize that this is okay. Your vacation doesn’t need to tick off boxes on a checklist, involve visiting the ten must-see sights, or rushing around touring from sunrise to sunset with a guide book in hand.
  • Step away from social media and give yourself the mental break from a bleak news cycle, friend and family drama, and mindless scrolling in general.
  • Talk to our team. We have so many ideas for beautiful and relaxing places that are optimal for embracing the joy of doing nothing. We can help you envision your do-nothing vacation and help you make the arrangements.

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