Snapshot: Aruba

Written on July 27, 2023

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Situated just 15 miles north of the Venezuelan coastline, Aruba is one of the southernmost islands of the Caribbean. The “A” of the “ABC Islands” (along with Bonaire and Curacao), the island is known for its pristine white sand beaches that remain cool beneath your feet, steady trade winds that propel wind-powered watersports, and an enticing dining scene to treat your taste buds. For these reasons, the aptly nicknamed “One Happy Island” welcomes approximately 2 million tourists annually.

Who Should Visit

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Travelers visit Aruba for its steady sunshine and pleasant mix of relaxation and soft adventure. It’s especially popular for honeymooners and adult travelers who appreciate a robust dining scene and are looking to spend time soaking in the sun.

Best Time to Travel

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Aruba is truly a year-round destination. The island only receives about 18 inches of rain each year, making it the sunniest island in the Caribbean. Further, because of its southern location, Aruba is not affected by hurricane season. The month of December sees the most rain fall. Prices from December to April are generally the highest, which is typical for tropical destinations.

Amazing Experiences


Visit Arikok National Park with a Guide The rough roads of the island’s national park beg for an ATV, and a guided tour will teach you all about the flora, fauna, and history of this rugged region of the island. A cool dip at Conchi, the Natural Pool, is a refreshing way to end a day of ogling the island’s natural beauty.

Tour and Shop at Aruba Aloe In the 1840s, aloe made its way to the ABC Islands from Africa and the plant flourished in the island’s soil and climate. By the early 1900s, Aruba had become the world’s leading exporter of aloe gum. Family-owned Aruba Aloe is now the leading aloe producer in the world, and offers complimentary tours of the factory and museum. Visit the shop and purchase a few souvenirs from their selection of lotions, shower gels, soaps, and balms.

Stop at Eagle Beach to Snap Photos of the Fofoti Trees Aruba has plenty of breathtaking beaches to choose from, but Eagle Beach stands out as one of the most beautiful. The beach’s gnarled fofoti trees are similar to the divi divi trees of the ABC Islands, but are unique to Aruba. The trees are incredibly photogenic, particularly with a stunning sunset as a backdrop.

Snorkel All Over the Island Snorkeling the Antilla Wreck, a 400-ft-long German cargo ship that sank during World War II, is perfect for snorkelers because the wreck can be seen from the surface. Other great sites include De Palm Island, Malmok Beach, Tres Trapi Beach (for starfish), and Baby Beach. Many great snorkeling sites in Aruba are accessible by beach and don’t require a boat excursion!

How to Travel

If you’re content to spend a day in Aruba, Southern Caribbean cruise itineraries often include the capital port of Oranjestad. For a longer vacation, our team can work with you to arrange resort accommodations, airfare, transfers, and excursions. We recommend avoiding all-inclusive options in this destination so you can experience the great food scene of the island.

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