Introducing ROAM Magazine

Written on July 03, 2020

It’s writing “vacation” on the calendar and excitedly counting down the days until travel. It’s the flutter of butterflies in your stomach as the plane taxis toward the runway. It’s waking up to sunshine and bird calls and hearing waves lap the shoreline. It’s having time to stretch, breathe, and relax with the people you love most.

When we think about traveling again, we feel excited.

When we think about treasured memories from past trips, we smile.

We dream about our next adventures around the world.

If you’re longing to travel like we are, we’d like to introduce you to our new publication, ROAM Magazine. This interactive digital magazine is designed especially for you, the traveler, and features articles to keep you excited and inspired to see the world.

Would you like to discover new recipes for dishes from around the world? Do you and your partner want to find time to be alone and reconnect? Are you looking for destination-specific books to add to your reading list this summer?

This issue includes plenty of ideas for these experiences and more!

We hope you enjoy ROAM Magazine!

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