Extraordinary Vacation on an Ordinary Budget

Written on January 20, 2022

France Luxury

Traveling in style can be tricky, especially if your budget doesn’t exactly align with your high-class preferences. There’s no need to settle for ordinary when you have a team of extraordinary travel experts on your side. We can add luxurious features to travel packages without completely emptying your pockets. After all, including special touches with your trip upgrades your entire travel experience.

Here are our favorite ways to transform your trip from ordinary to extraordinary:

Upgrade Your Transportation

Arriving to your destination can be a pain—literally— especially if you’re traveling in tight quarters. Upgrade the experience by arranging for first-class flight seats and enjoy the space. Private transfers (a personal driver takes you from the airport to your resort or cruise embarkation port) are another experience-enhancing option to consider, rather than taking the public transfer motor coach or other shared ride vehicles.

Upgrade Your Stay

Swim-up suites, butler service, and special-access rooms are the ultimate indulgence, but often come with a hefty price tag. Instead of splurging for the entire stay, treat yourself to luxury accommodations for the last night or two to indulge before departure. This is also a great way to surprise your travel partner!

Upgrade Your Tours

Immersing yourself in your destination is what travel is all about, but crowds and lines can quickly take away from your cultural experience. Arrange an activity that allows you to have a one-on-one or only-your-family experience. Sail into the sunset with your loved one or scuba dive with just your kiddos…the possibilities are endless. Ask us about unique private tours and activities for your destination. 

Booking each component of your trip separately can quickly turn your budget-friendly vacation into a budget-busting vacation.  As travel agents, we can book your flight, accommodations, activities, transfers, and more in one custom package. Simply give us some extra planning time and the activities you’re interested in, and together we can design a package to help you save money.

There’s an entire world of possibilities for crafting an extraordinary vacation on an ordinary budget. Leave the arrangements to us so you can focus on what matters most — making special memories in beautiful destinations.