The World is Your Classroom

Written on September 23, 2021

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School is back in session for children around the country, but learning isn’t over when you’re an adult. The world is your classroom! Planning an adventure is the first step in broadening your horizons and improving your understanding of cultures and countries around the globe. 

History and Social Studies

It’s interesting to study the ancient Incan civilization of Machu Picchu, the beauty of the Taj Majal, or the architectural ingenuity of The Great Pyramids through textbooks and documentaries, but visiting these incredible sites (especially with a knowledgeable tour guide) and witnessing the history firsthand is truly mind-blowing. Visiting and touring famous landmarks when traveling will certainly further your understanding of history and deepen your appreciation for it.

You can learn something from every conversation and from every place you visit!


Viewing wildlife in its natural habitat is a thrilling aspect of travel, particularly for animal lovers. People love to swim with pigs in Exuma, photograph flocks of parrots in the Caribbean, and visit sloth sanctuaries in Costa Rica. Alaska by land and sea and African safaris are bucket list experiences for many travelers, specifically because of the unique wildlife that call these destinations home.

Get your camera ready and be wowed by the majestic creatures of the animal kingdom!

The Arts

Immersing yourself in the sights, sounds, and flavors of your destination will enrich your travel experience. Take a cooking class to learn to prepare local cuisine, book a culinary or art museum tour, or attend a concert. Before travel, perhaps read a book from an author born in that country, or view a film that was produced there.


Travel can be about wellness, too. We can design your vacation to include yoga retreats, hiking for all experience levels, water sports, and golf, to name a few ideas.

Travel doesn’t have to focus completely around learning – there’s always time for play, just like the time we enjoyed at lunch and recess as children. There’s time in your itinerary for pool/beach time, spa sessions, relaxing walks, and so much more. 

The world is your classroom…let’s plan your adventure together!