Virtual Travel Experiences from Home

Written on May 29, 2020

Mac Reddin Hf1uvwyabhu Unsplash
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

It is a common question we ask during ice breakers, job interviews, and first dates. It’s fun to talk about the answers, which can reveal a great deal about someone’s dreams and values.

But now, with the current circumstances, asking this question feels a little bit different. As many of us have adapted to social distancing and sheltering-in-place, we’ve put our dream vacations on hold. While we all do our best to be good neighbors to one another, we can still embrace our passion for travel and sense of adventure from home.

We will always advocate for getting out and exploring the world because these adventures and experiences are irreplaceable. But until we can comfortably travel again, the internet is full of virtual tours and resources to take us around the world.

Here are a few ideas to get you started with your virtual travel experience:
Art Lovers: Always dreamed of visiting the Louvre in Paris? Why not take a look around?

Outdoor Adventurers: Wish you could hike the hills of Machu Picchu? You can still enjoy the view from home.

Family Fun: Where do your favorite characters come to life? Take a virtual stroll around Universal Studios in Hollywood.

National Park Enthusiasts: Explore the wonders of nature in our own backyard with a virtual tour of Yellowstone National Park.
For the Love of Animals:
 Gather the kiddos and check out the live animal feeds of twelve species at the San Diego Zoo before exploring their interactive resources for children.
We know it’s not the same experience as actually being on location, but exploring the world online can lead you to your next dream destination! And when the time is right, the team at Encompass the World and Westlake Travel can help you get there.