Reasons to Try Small Ship Cruising

Written on September 02, 2020

Small Ship Cruise

Small ship cruising is…

Leisurely riding your bicycle through a small town in France, stopping for photos and lunch a small cafe. Joining your tour guide to learn about the architecture of quaint German town. Taking in the enchanting colors of the tulip fields in the Netherlands.

There are many reasons to try small ship cruising, and when we are able to begin sailing once again, we can’t wait to return to some of our favorite destinations.

We are confident that those in the cruise industry, including cruise lines and government agencies, will continue to work together to keep travelers healthy and safe while sailing the world. We are excited to resume exploring destinations by sea, and our team can help you plan a new itinerary or assist with your future cruise credit if you have had to adjust your vacation plans.

Looking forward to the future of cruising, the small ship cruise experience tops our list. Here’s why:

Exclusive Access

Small ship cruises explore destinations and ports where larger ships aren’t able to sail. Paired with exclusive access to small, private tours in destination, small ships play a key role in helping travelers avoid both large crowds and long lines.

Personal Service

Cruising on a small ship also offers attentive service from the crew. The staff on small ship cruises get to know you by name, learn your preferences, and cater to them. This personalized service feels luxurious and special, and truly creates a singular experience.

Inclusive Options

Many river cruises and expedition cruises are designed with inclusivity in mind. In some cases, excursions, tours, and even room service are part of the experience. Some ships, like those in the AMAWaterways fleet, provide bicycles so passengers can independently explore destinations. While inclusions vary by cruise line, these perks can save you time and money when planning your onboard experience.

Small ships offer a unique cruising experience designed to help us slow down and connect with destinations, and we delight in the opportunity to visit smaller ocean ports or cities along the world’s most scenic rivers.

We eagerly look forward to setting sail around the world, and we know you are too! Many of you are wondering what the new cruise experience will be like, and our team is closely monitoring updated policies and procedures as they are announced by the cruise lines. If you have questions or are interested in small ship cruises (or planning another vacation), please contact our team.

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