Raising Lifelong Travelers

Written on May 06, 2021

Family On Beach

One of the greatest gifts a parent can share with their children is a passion for exploring the world, but traveling with little ones can be challenging and at times overwhelming. Creating a home environment that inspires curiosity and wonder while welcoming children into the travel planning process can help parents in raising lifelong travelers.

Here are a few tips for raising aspiring adventurers:

Tell Them Stories

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Children are captivated by storytelling and particularly love to hear about the adventures their families had before they were born. Parents can open photo albums and share laughs and memories as they recount the tales of their past vacations. Hearing these stories and seeing the photographs will excite kids to learn more about the places their parents have visited, and perhaps inspire them to dream about the adventures they would like to have too.  

Get Their Input


Children enjoy being part of the decision-making process, no matter how trivial the details may seem. When considering travel plans, parents might call a family meeting to discuss places to visit and activities to do while there. Tailoring these trips, whether it be a day trip or longer vacation, to the current interests of the children will give them a sense of ownership over the vacation. Kids will feel more invested in – and more excited about – plans that come together with their input.

Introduce the World at Home


Filling a home with maps, globes, puzzles, and books that inspire wanderlust introduces even the youngest globetrotters to the world. Reading about different countries and cultures, studying maps together, and assembling puzzles that feature fascinating places or landmarks are easy family activities to enjoy together. Attending cultural performances and events or attending local festivals is a way to experience new things while staying close to home.

Start Small


Trips do not have to be big to be memorable. The novelty of a hotel stay, the opportunity to swim in a pool, the fun of interactive museum displays, or the excitement of dining in restaurants are all special experiences for children.

Planning special day trips together to visit local hotspots is a great way to start small and build an enthusiasm for travel.  Planning weekend getaways with one or two special outings to enjoy together in destination gives families a quick break away together. For children who like the thrill of a surprise, planning a “destination unknown” outing lets the plans be revealed upon arrival.

Document the Trip


The most special part of traveling together is the memories made as a family, so documenting the trip through photographs, artwork, or journaling is a perfect way to reminisce later. An inexpensive camera allows younger children to capture the moments of the vacation, older children might like recording memories in a journal, and teens can share their trips on Pinterest boards or Instagram.

Make a Scrapbook

Compiling a family scrapbook with memories, photos, and memorabilia from the vacation is a fun activity after returning home. Revisiting vacations through photos and journals reminds children of the fun the family shared together and fosters excitement for future travel.

We hope that these tips help families with raising lifelong travelers. Contact our team to help you plan your next trip together!

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