Europe: Three Reasons You Should Go Right Now!

Written on April 26, 2018

European travel is back and more popular than ever. Our team of travel experts have seen a definite increase in clients requesting European vacations. Why is it such a great time to plan a visit overseas?

More for Your Money
The US dollar is much stronger abroad than a few years ago. Better exchange rates against the euro, British pound, and other European currencies means your travel budget can stretch a little farther.

Fantastic Flights
Lower fuel prices and more competition from low-cost carriers is making it easier to find transatlantic airfare options that don’t break the bank. The increase in service between smaller airport hubs also gives you a better chance of scoring non-stop flights to a variety of European destinations.

Options Galore
There’s no one right way to see Europe. From the intimate experience of a river cruise to the fun of an ocean cruise, from in-depth tours by an expert to independent exploration, there’s an option for every traveler. Europe offers a wide variety of destinations to choose from, whether you’d like to visit the tried-and-true favorites or discover somewhere off the beaten path.

It’s great to have options, but with so many choices planning a trip can quickly become overwhelming. Your Encompass the World travel specialist can help you compare travel ideas, offer suggestions, and coordinate details so that you have a fabulous travel experience.

If Europe is on your travel radar, don’t delay! Contact your Encompass the World Travel agent to start arranging your next, big adventure.


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