Bucket List Destination: Seychelles

Written on March 25, 2021

Final post in the series: Our Team’s Dream Destinations

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Three hundred miles off the coast of Africa stretches the Seychelles, an archipelago so unabashedly gorgeous that British explorers believed it to be the Garden of Eden when they arrived on its shores. The secluded and romantic islands of the Seychelles top many travelers’ destination bucket lists because of a strong desire to wade through the clear waters of the Indian Ocean and watch the colors of the sunset in a true paradise.

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Must-See Islands?

Most of the 115 islands that form the Seychelles are uninhabited; many are even protected as nature preserves. The three main islands for tourism are Praslin, La Digue, and Mahe, which is home to the capital city, Victoria, and the international airport.

Best Time to Travel?

Year-round sunshine prevails in Seychelles, with bursts of brief downpours prominent in January and February. April through May and October through November are generally the best times of year to visit, when weather is outstanding, and rates are lower than peak summer season.

Why Visit?

Simply put: The Seychelles are stunning. If your bucket list features a bevvy of dreamy beach destinations, then Seychelles should join that list.

Who Should Visit?

If you have the time and the budget for an extravagantly peaceful and remote vacation in an island paradise, the Seychelles might be for you. The Seychelles is a dream escape if you yearn for quiet seclusion with breathtaking views and lots of beach time.

Bucket List Experiences

Vallé de Mai Nature Preserve (Praslin): Nestled in the center of the island of Praslin is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Vallé de Mai palm forest. It is home to the coco de mer palm, known for being the plant with the largest seeds in the world. The mountainous forest is also home to many wildlife species unique to the Seychelles, like the rare Seychelles Black Parrot.

Victoria (Mahe): One of the smallest capital cities in the world, Victoria is downright bustling compared the quiet atmosphere throughout the islands of the Seychelles. Easily explored by foot, visitors to Victoria can spend time leisurely perusing the open-air markets and museums before enjoying a Creole lunch at a beachside eatery.

Anse Source d’Argent (La Digue): A visit to Seychelles isn’t complete without a visit to the world’s most photographed beach. It’s located on a private residence – so visitors must pay a fee for entrance – but it is worth it for a day spent among the ancient granite boulders dotting the shores of a pink pristine beach with calm, clear waters.

Morne Seychellois National Park (Mahe): Reaching for the sky in the northwest corner of Mahe is Morne Seychellois, the island’s tallest mountain peak. The surrounding park area is comprised of mangroves, lush jungle, and mountains, all easily enjoyable with accessible trails. Experienced hikers can embark on a strenuous climb to the mountain’s peak.

How to Travel

Our team curates dream vacations to this dream destination with resort and air packages. Customize your stay with a variety of tours with advance planning, most notably kayaking or snorkeling. The port is currently closed to cruise lines.

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