All About Sargassum

Written on March 03, 2022

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Sargassum is a brown seaweed that forms island-like floating masses that drift and wash ashore on beaches around eastern Mexico and the Caribbean. In 2018, the seagrass made a big impact on many destinations, but with the current cycle of ripe conditions for its growth, sargassum is most likely here to stay.

The sargassum bloom is a situation that is in the hands of Mother Nature. The unpredictability of spread can cause varying conditions day by day, and sometimes even hour by hour. But like any act of nature that can affect travel plans, flexibility and understanding ensures your next vacation is incredibly fun and special…even as the sargassum drifts onto the beach.

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When it comes to your vacation, please don’t fear! Here are a few tips to avoid the seagrass and enjoy your destination:

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Bring Along the Beach Shoes

To play at the beach, bring along some beach shoes that cover your feet. The seagrass can be mischievous, hiding rocks, shells, or even little critters and insects beneath its surface.

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Find Serenity at the Pool

Most travelers heading to Mexico and the Caribbean look forward to relaxing and soaking up the sun. Many resorts boast multiple pools that provide great bar service and luxurious comfort away from messy beach areas.

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Visit Hidden Gems

There’s so many activities to do and places to explore when you’re visiting tropical destinations. The best hidden havens​ include the freshwater cenotes of Mexico, which provide a heavenly swimming spot after a beautiful jungle hike.

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Explore Alternative Beaches

Because of wave currents, not all beaches are affected. If your resort’s beach has more grass than another accessible beach, you can arrange transportation to another beach through your hotel’s concierge. Keep in mind that conditions and affected areas can change by the hour sometimes!

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Propose Special Effects for Your Special Events

If you’re planning an event on sandy terrain and want to take pictures at the beach, ask your photographer if the seaweed can be cropped or photoshopped out of the background. Don’t let a little seaweed ruin your special day!

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Exercise Patience

Sargassum build-up can vary from day to day and from one destination to another, but the resorts have staff working tirelessly to clean the beaches so you can make the most of your vacation experience. Mother Nature is unpredictable, and most travelers have been affected by her during their vacations at one time or another. Focus on the fun, focus on the break from everyday life, and make the most of your time away.

If you have any questions about sargassum or planning activities to take you away from the mess, our team is happy to help! If you still haven’t planned your summer family vacation, contact us to get started!