6 Romantic Places to Visit

Written on February 02, 2023

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Valentine’s Day: you might love it, or you might be rolling your eyes at the thought of a day devoted to sappy cards and mass-produced teddy bears. Travel, however, can instill a sense of romance in even the most determined cynics. These six romantic places are bound to fill you with warm fuzzy feelings, and hopefully inspire a romantic journey or two in the future!

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You’ll feel like a character in a romance novel roaming the craggy shores of the Italian Riviera with your sweetheart. Quaint villages and picturesque wineries dot the trails that wind through the cliffs of Cinque Terre, so allow yourselves plenty of time to soak up the scenery.

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Gorgeous landscapes and a touch of the exotic make Indonesia’s most popular island a perfect retreat for couples. Between bouts of relaxing at Bali’s scenic beaches, venture inland to stunning waterfalls and the 15th-century Tanah Lot temple.

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Visitors will feel transported to their favorite fairytale after a few hours amidst the gilded architecture and dreamy canals of this Dutch city. Tour the cobblestone streets in a horse-drawn carriage on your way to serene Beguinage, a monastery surrounded by bridges and swan-filled ponds.

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What isn’t romantic about a leisurely ramble underneath blossoming magnolia trees with your partner? Charming Charleston’s gentile southern spirit is embodied in its colorful mansions and historic churches, but it also offers plenty of modern cultural experiences, like quirky music festivals and restaurants featuring cutting-edge cuisine.

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Vivacious by day and sultry by night, this culture capital is an ideal spot for adventure-seeking couples to rekindle their spark. Spice things up in the “Paris of South America” with an evening at Rojo Tango, or grab a red-velvet seat to the ballet or opera at Teatro Colón.

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Lovebirds stroll hand-in-hand along this notoriously magical island’s white sand beaches and lush forests. Maui’s highest lookout point in Haleakala National Park offers breathtaking views of the island’s volcanic crater as well as the ocean. From December through April, glimpse majestic humpback whales enjoying their winter home in the warm waters surrounding Hawaii.

A world of romance awaits! Where can our team send you next?