4 Must-See Natural Wonders in Maui

Written on September 19, 2022

red sand beach Maui

Lavish resorts. World-class restaurants. Stunning palm tree-lined pools. Hawaii’s second-largest island is a traveler’s dream, with activities and experiences to satisfy nearly everyone.

But Maui’s natural beauty is what sets it apart from the rest of the Hawaiian islandsPicturesque beaches provide an escape for those looking for serenity, while scenic trails offer plenty of adventure for active travelers.

Looking for even more reasons to visit The Valley Isle? Check out these breathtaking natural landmarks in Maui that will inspire a trip to this captivating island.

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Kaihalulu Bay


This small cove, one of the few red sand beaches in the world, gets its color from the surrounding iron-rich hill. Getting to this isolated beach is no easy task; only the sure-footed should chance the steep, narrow path. The perilous trek is worth the stunning views of bright blue water against the deep red shore.

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Hike through lush rainforest and alongside tranquil streams on this 1.8-mile trail leading to the spectacular Waimoku Falls. The forest is abundant with diverse fauna, including banyan, bamboo and mango trees. The trail is very popular and easily accessible, so expect a bit of a crowd.

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Ohe’o – photo courtesy of Maui Guidebook


East Maui’s most popular sight, the pools of ‘Ohe’o were carved into the rainforest naturally by a single stream. Visitors can enjoy views of cascading waterfalls, or go for a dip in one of the more accessible pools.

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One’uli Black Sand Beach – photo courtesy of Maui Guidebook


This black sand beach on the island’s south shore is more likely to attract geologists and naturalists than sunbathers. Its dark shoreline is composed of ground-up lava from the volcanic vent nearby. While not ideal for casual beachgoers, the coral-rich waters make it an ideal spot for snorkeling and scuba diving.

If these four natural wonders in Maui have inspired you to plan your own Hawaii vacation, our team is standing by ready to help with all the details!