3 Simple Ways To Stay Active on Vacation

Written on April 19, 2023

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Delicious food that’s available all day long, lots of lounging by the pool, and an abundance of alcohol are three things can sabotage the vacations of the physically fit. 

Here are three ways to keep moving on vacation, whether you’re on land or out at sea.

Take the Stairs

Many resorts have elevators, but using the stairs to go to and from your room logs a more steps on the fitness tracker and gets the blood pumping. On cruise ships, set a goal for yourself like the “four deck rule” and only take the elevator when you need to ascend more than five decks. (And always take the stairs when going down!)

Enjoy a Walk

Many resorts have lavish grounds that are meticulously maintained with colorful landscaping, the perfect backdrop for a peaceful stroll. Grab your tennis shoes, a cup of coffee, and walk! The temperature will feel comfortable if you set out early, and resorts are often very quiet until later in the morning. Listen to the sounds of the birds or pop in your earbuds to enjoy some relaxing music or an audiobook. Make your way to the sea and catch a great view.

On a cruise? Walk laps around the track and feel the ocean breeze tousle your hair!  

Join a Class

If you’re able to participate in resort fitness activities, yoga on the beach, salsa lessons with an instructor, or water aerobics in the swimming pool will get you moving and grooving on vacation. Many cruise lines also offer classes for a nominal fee. If the structure of an organized class isn’t for you, check out the resort or ship’s exercise facilities. Keep in mind that vacation isn’t always the best time to try something new, particularly if you have health concerns or medical limitations.

Relaxing on vacation is a highlight for most travelers, but if you like to stay active, it’s easy to work into your day when you’re traveling!