3 Things Travel Agents Do During Hurricane Season

Written on August 24, 2023

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Hurricane season runs from the beginning of June until the end of November, which is a quite a long stretch of the calendar to be concerned about your travel plans. Even with the threat of potential bad weather these months are extremely popular for vacations because of summer, wedding and honeymoon season, and rates can be lower during the peak fall hurricane months. Purchasing travel insurance with your package helps protect your wallet, even if you might be disappointed by rescheduling that much-needed break from work!

Here are three things travel agents do to help during hurricane season, particularly when a named storm is threatening your plans: 

Monitor the weather and its impact on your vacation:
When we know a hurricane could disrupt your travel plans, we keep a close eye on NOAA updates and announcements and advisories from tour companies, resorts, and cruise lines. This allows us to provide you with your options in the event we must change plans. 

Change or cancel your reservations:
Here’s a major perk to you: you have one person dedicated to you and your travel plans. This means no being bounced around a call center, no waiting on endless holds as thousands of other travelers work to change their plans, and no worrying about the dirty details. We do all of that for you!

We genuinely care about our clients – we want them first and foremost, to be safe, and then really enjoy their time away. We will do everything possible to make sure that all arrangements go smoothly so you can relax. 

Hurricane season is difficult to avoid, but when working with a travel agent who advocates for your safety and travel plans, you can relax a bit knowing you’re in capable hands.