3 Cruise Trends for 2023

Written on January 19, 2023

Ocean Horizon

We are sailing into a new year, and with that comes an exciting glimpse of what’s new and hot on the horizon. The cruise industry is booming, and passengers are thrilled to plan their 2023-2024 itineraries and start dreaming about onboard fun and port adventures. Here are 3 cruise trends for 2023:

Cruise trend 1: Longer itineraries

Cruise lovers who were landlocked for months are seeking out longer itineraries that visit multiple countries and continents.

Cruise trend 2: More emphasis on land experiences

Cruise lines that tout incredible onboard amenities are now emphasizing unique land experiences too. From included city stays, incorporated train travel, and increased excursion and activity offerings, combining a land and sea vacation has never been easier or more enjoyable.

Cruise trend 3: Bucket list itineraries

Like longer itineraries, bucket list destinations and experiences are gaining in popularity because of the booming return to cruising. After delaying travels, cruisers want unique and even more memorable itineraries that feel fresh and exciting.

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