3 Cool Swimming Spots

Written on April 07, 2022


When the sun’s rays are at their hottest, these 3 cool swimming spots provide the perfect scenery for a dreamy dip in the water. Easily accessible through planned activities and excursions from your cruise ship or resort, plan to head out for the day to explore new-to-you destinations for a refreshing swim.

The Baths – Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Along the southwestern tip of Virgin Gorda lies The Baths, a stretch of beach famous for its enormous granite boulders and secluded rock pools. Visitors must navigate challenging trails and steps with rope handrails to reach Devil’s Bay Beach, but the reward on arrival is unmatched. Exploring the secret pools and navigating the massive rock formations is truly a bucket list experience.

Ik-Kil – Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

The cool, underground waters in the cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula provide the perfect respite from the country’s hot tropical sun. Ik-Kil, the most visited cenote in the region (partly because of its proximity to Chichen Itza), is stunning in its beauty. Lush vegetation, draping vines, and clear turquoise waters beckon swimmers and photographers alike.

Hanauma Bay – Oahu, Hawaii

Pristine Hanauma Bay was declared a nature preserve in 1967 to protect the marine life in the region, and ongoing efforts have helped this beautiful bay maintain its delicate ecosystem. Visitors are limited and must make reservations, but incredible snorkeling (you must use reef-safe sunscreen and abide by other park rules!) make this state park a must-see when in Oahu.

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