Disney Cruises

Disney + Cruise = Magical Success

If you are looking for the magic of Disney combined with the views and relaxation of a cruise, then you have stumbled upon the perfect vacation. With brand new ships including The Fantasy Ship, and The Dream Ship, you will certainly be satisfied with all of the new opportunities. Both new ships include The AquaDuck: a 765 foot water coaster that propels you around the ship with breathtaking views of the ocean below. According to 7 year old Rees Harper*, “The disney cruise was my favorite because I loved the unlimited ice cream and the pool!” As for Rees, those features will surely be a draw for your children as well. The pools are massive and have enough room for everyone. The rooms are spacious as well and even the children are allowed to relax in temperature controlled hot tubs. A disney cruise is the perfect way for your family to make memories that will last a lifetime.

*Quote used with the permission of Rees Harper and his parents.

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